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Exterior door painting

Part of any exterior paint job for every home is to include exterior door painting and refinishing. When you compliment the rest of your paint job by finishing up your exterior doors then you have balanced out the entire look for a great home exterior.  Painting and refinishing your exterior doors will change depending upon the climate you’re in and the material from which your door is constructed.

At Prominence Painting and Remodeling we take great pride in having years upon years experience with painting both steel doors and hardwood doors.  Sometimes if a homeowner has a beautiful hardwood door they may choose to refinish it instead of painting it. When you refinish a hardwood door you’re bringing out the natural beauties of the handcrafted wood and this often times will be completed with different types of wood stains and polyurethane coatings. 

Painting or refinishing your exterior door

Many homeowners in the north Texas area have steel sandwich doors which means the inside and outside part of the door is a thin steel pressed panel but the inside is constructed of foam or some type of honeycomb material. This is a fantastic type of door and will last years upon years giving you quality service. Another type of common door in the north Texas area is a classic hardwood door. Most often made of red oak but can be made of other hardwoods.

There is as a tremendous difference between knowing how to prepare a hardwood door and a steel door for exterior painting. Be sure when you’re getting your exterior painting project evaluated that the contractor you’re trusting your home with knows how to prep your doors regardless of their material.

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