5 Ways To Update Your Kid’s Room

5 Ways to Update Your Kid’s Room

5 Ways to Update Your Kid’s Room on a Budget

It is no secret that children spend most of their time in the bedroom. They use it for sleeping, playing and working. Therefore, the space should be a reflection of their little personalities. But with the many ideas all over the place, it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed on what exactly to do for your kid’s room. The aim is to spruce up your child’s room while still maintaining a child-like feel. Your kid’s room should not be like the other rooms in your house. It should have a different feel to it.

When updating your child’s room, it is important to remember that it is not about you but about them. So you may have great ideas which may not work for your child. What you decide to do with the room should be a reflection of who they are and not what you want. Updating your child’s room is not an easy task because on one hand, you want it to be a space where your little one loves and spends time in but on the other hand, you also want it to be practical and a room that can withstand endless hours of play and adapt as your child grows. Need a few more tips on updating for spring just check out this article with 7 more ideas.

Here are five easy ways to update your kid’s room as a way of affordable home improvement:

  1. Go for large pieces

Start with good bones. What does this mean? You need to update your kid’s room with large pieces such as furniture and rugs, which should be well-made styles that will last throughout their childhood. After your baby is out of the crib, choose a high-quality bed that will make both of you happy for years to come. It could be a twin bed or a queen depending on the size of the room. The storage, a console or a chest of drawers, should be a large one and of good quality.

There are a lot of feet running around your kid’s room so the rug needs to be of natural-fiber since they are durable and easy to clean. In addition, they create a perfect base for layering something patterned or colorful at the top.

  1. Play around with color

It’s not easy to land on a color palette for your kid’s room not just for the interior house painting but also for the sheets, rug, duvets, chest drawers and other items in the room. But the most important color is the color of the wall because it is the biggest determinant on how the rest of the room comes together. Classic colors for interior house painting are definitely the pastels but you should not rule out the unconventional and more adult-feel palettes especially if you are thinking of longevity. You can also decide to ask you kid about what color they would like for their walls. If it’s something doable, then you should try it out. If it sounds unreasonable, then you can reach a compromise with them so that they don’t feel that the color was imposed on them and forever feel uncomfortable in the room.

  1. Add the fun stuff

Now that you have built a strong foundation with the walls and the large pieces, it is time to add in the fun stuff. These may not be your favorite stuff but it is the whimsical details that your child is most likely to love the most. What is important is to choose pieces you can easily install and then later remove for example, wallpaper on the ceiling. When your kid has outgrown the look, you will not need to redesign the entire space.

In your designing process, you can ask for input from your kid because it is their room in any case. This will make him or her feel more at home in the space since they helped to design it in the first place.

Play around with the choice of toys, wallpaper, and wall hangings. You can also go for re-purposed items so that updating your kid’s room is part of affordable home renovation. Essentially, updating your kid’s room is time for you to get your creativity skills into practice and bring out a well-deserving room for your child.

  1. Mix it up with art

Artwork is all about mixing and creating. Mix up art by pairing kid-friendly prints with more sophisticated pieces like colorful abstracts, bold graphics and quirky prints. As your child grows up, their tastes become mature and you can easily swap out the more youthful-leaning pieces with grown-up updates. But you can hold on to the finger-paint masterpieces.

Art is a great way to update your kid’s room so that from a young age they get to appreciate and enjoy art. The great thing about having art in your kid’s room is that you can play around with different combinations of art and easily change them as your child grows older.

  1. Play with prints and patterns

If you want to make lasting fun and vibrant patterns in your child’s room, then you should make use of crisp, quality tailoring and elegantly pleated drapes, pillows which have contrast welting and pin-tucked bed skirts. These can turn even the dullest prints into something more refined. If it happens that your child wants to move on to a style that is a little more adult, then you will have set the right foundation. All you will need is a few simple swaps like replacing a patterned duvet with a crisp white option or changing up the bright drapes for something more relaxed. Patterns and prints bring a whole new look to your child’s room and you don’t need to invest so much into them. In addition, it is very likely that your child will want to keep exquisite prints and patterns even as they grow older.

While it may sound like updating your kid’s room is expensive, there are ways in which you can minimize the costs for example, painting the walls yourself or picking up some DIY art projects. Investing in your kid’s room is a choice you will never regret.

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