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Best New Year’s Tips for home Improvement

It is 2019 already, and one of the beautiful ways to start the year is putting a few touches of improvements on your home. If you are working within a budget, and can’t seem to wrap your head around some affordable home improvement ideas, you would surely love this article. That is exactly why it is written.

The fear of not having enough money or resources to make some improvements on the home has paralyzed many owners and prevented them from even trying. But it is possible to make small renovations that bring great improvements with little effort and without breaking the bank. Below are a good number of affordable home improvement ideas just for you. Enjoy!

Understand Your Unique Situation

Before embarking on any affordable home improvement idea, you should properly analyze your unique situation. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the home, and which part of the home requires special attention? It is also important to consider the look you are going for and all those details that are sought inside a house.

With a clear idea of what you want, you can then plan a concrete project, which perfectly fits your needs and budget, and thus avoid future mistakes. In case that what you want to do exceeds your capacity to carry it out, it is advisable to ask a professional for help.

Yes, that advice appears counterintuitive. However, even though it may seem that hiring an expert will make the affordable home improvement idea not so affordable, the advice you will get can save you money. It can be really beneficial to request a detailed budget from several professionals and compare prices.

Invest In Paints

If you have to do just one thing to give your home a totally improved appearance, that one thing is most likely painting. Painting is the ideal tool to give a new look to your home in an economical and simple way. Also with painting you can improve any room, making it more pleasant, brighter and even roomier.

There are different paints you can work with. For example, a bathroom remodel can be done with water resistant paints. Beyond making the bathroom look nice, it can also protect your walls from moisture and humidity.

You can have a kitchen remodel with bright colors that would improve your appetite, especially if you eat in your kitchen. Painting your kitchen orange, for example, can bring that bright look that totally redefines your kitchen without spending too much money.

Work On The Pipes

One of the drawbacks that usually concern a second-hand home is the condition of the pipes. If these are copper or iron, the oldest, it is appropriate to check both the flow of water and its state.

If the pipes are visible, they can be replaced without lifting the floor. A good solution to renew the appearance of exterior pipes can be to paint the same color as the wall or camouflage them with a tall piece of furniture that will act as a protective wall for the vertical pipes.

It is also possible to regenerate the poor condition of the pipes by means of solutions. The most innovative is to apply a layer of special resin, covering the inside of the old pipe. This way, a second pipe is created through which the water will circulate free of any metallic waste

Do Some Kitchen Remodeling

You can give a new look to the kitchen and leave it nice and cozy without spending too much. You can even do this by focusing on small details all over your kitchen. The cabinets can be lined with glossy or matte paint. The specialized stores offer a wide range of these materials that, combined with antique furniture, will completely change the looks of an old kitchen.

The same goes for the walls. Replacing the tiles is expensive and cumbersome. On the contrary, they can be renewed by painting them, applying a resistant paper or a special vinyl that will also cover any damage. Other tricks that work are to change the handles of the cabinets and doors, hang curtains with bright colors or decorate a wall with some striking element like a large clock

Invest In Some Bathroom Remodeling Too

One of the most common remodeling in the home with lots of possibilities is in the bathroom. No need for big works and expense, we can leave it as new if we tune the walls with synthetic coating or papers and paint resistant to moisture. For floors, there is a good offer of paints and coatings on the market that are easy to apply on top of the tiles and imitate all types of material. They are also cheaper, warmer, and easier to maintain.

If you want to enlarge the bathroom space, it is best to replace the bathtub with a shower tray. Instead of furniture, we can install shelves. They are cheaper and do not go out of style

As for the toilets, if they are not broken or in poor condition, a good measure to improve them may be to change the faucet of the sink and shower, and in the case of the toilet, replace the lid with a more modern one. In addition, there are specific paintings that we can use to give them a better look.

Renovate The Doors And Windows

Changing the doors and windows is one of the most expensive sections in the improvement of a house. If they really are in poor condition, we must consider replacing them. If it is only necessary to give a new air to the doors, it will be enough to coat them.

The semi-gloss lacquer is easier to apply with a roller and is even more economical. As for the color, going for a color like white or the same as the wall, works really great every time.

The windows will look like new if your frames are sanded and painted. You can also place curtains, which in addition to changing the appearance of the room will serve as insulators to avoid excess cold or heat.

Lightings And Mirrors

There is a lot you can get done with proper lighting and mirrors. Getting correct lighting all over the house helps to give a new and more comfortable look. When the lamps are properly placed and distributed, they will also help reduce the cost of electricity.

The mirrors also play an important role when it comes to expanding a space and giving it more depth. They can also provide more light to a darker area in the house.

Improve The Living Room

The living room is the main room of the house and the perfect spot for us to let our imagination fly when planning an affordable home improvement. If the house has a dining room, it can be separated without raising a wall. All you have to do is simply place a mobile screen room divider, a rigid curtain or a sliding door, to achieve a “wall effect” that can be reversible, if you would like to join the two spaces.

Textiles play a fundamental role in changing the appearance of the living room. Details like new curtains, re-upholstering the chairs or combining the sofa with cushions can give another completely renovated appearance in the house. You can also choose to paint a wall or use a wallpaper to highlight an area.

Improve The Bedrooms

In the bedrooms, it can actually be enough to change the arrangement of furniture, buy a new bedhead with some original element or just renew the bedding. Another idea for you bedroom that does not require too much effort and helps you gain some space is replacing the study table with shelves. Placed at different heights, the lowest will work as a table and the rest will be used to store all kinds of objects.

Go For Second Hand Materials

Finally, and in case we need to buy materials, we have several options that can lower the cost. Many construction companies sell the materials they have not used at a much cheaper price than the initial and there are continuously outlets that offer surplus manufacturing and discontinued series at a reduced price. These are perfect for buying doors, beams, toilet materials and more.

There you have it. There is so much you can do without hurting your pocket. You just have to know them. Now with all the tips provided in this article, you can improve your house without the need for major works and above all, with little budget.

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