7 Tips To Spruce Up Your Home For Spring Modern Kitchen

7 Tips to Spruce up Your Home for spring


As the sun shines, the flowers bloom and the gardens bound to life, it is natural to crave for some spring updates around the house. There are so many doable paint projects and mini-pick-me-ups to create a fresh look in your house. Spring is time to give your home a nice touch so that you feel excited to every time you think about going home. There is always something about opening up your windows and letting the fresh breeze into your house after a long winter. What is even better is that you can easily spruce up your home in spring with a budget. There are so many inexpensive ways to do so. Affordable home improvement is the way to go.

Here are a few tips to help you spruce up your home in spring time

  • Brighten your interiors with yellow

Yellow is the color of the sun. There is nothing that brings life into your house like yellow interior house painting. But you don’t have to necessarily paint your interiors in yellow. You can decide to get some yellow items like a yellow lamp shade or stool. In addition, you can make your interiors clearer by adding a table in glass or clear Lucite. The idea is to make your home look de-cluttered and clear as possible. After a long time shut away from the outside during winter, your interiors need a new touch. Yellow is a popping color that instantly brings excitement to a dull place. Be sure to get ideas from your local painting professional.

  • Painting your dining chairs

Yes, it is time to give your dining chairs a new look. Break up that boring and matched dining set with some life by painting the chairs in several different colors that complement each other. Interior house painting does not just refer to the walls alone. Your dining area should look fun and inviting which you can achieve by using different colors. You can try pale aqua and cream or a mix of pastels or brights for an adventurous look. Since its spring, don’t be afraid to mix it up. You can go all out with your dining chairs as long as the colors work well together.

In addition, you can decide to complement your dining chairs by painting the ceiling above the dining area as well. As such, your dining area will look as a different place altogether.

  • Decorate with fruit and flowers

Oh what the beauty of fruits and flowers for interior decor. Something as simple as a bowl of lemons, which is quite cheap, will do the trick. What about spring flowers like tulips and daffodils are inexpensive and readily available? You can decide to go with a combination of flowers and fruits or purely fruits or flowers. In any case, both have a positive effect on your interior. You can even use the flowers on your patio to make it more inviting and welcoming. There are so many ways in which you can mix up the fruits and flowers to make your home look spring like.

Besides using fruits and flowers to spruce up your interior, you can go for indoor or house plants. Indoor plants are not just great as décor but they also have some medical benefits. They help to clean up the air so that the interior can remain fresh with a constant supply of fresh and cool air.

  • Don’t forget your kid’s furniture and room

It’s time to spruce up your kid’s furniture with some more exciting colors. Repaint the room, the dresser and any other part of the room that you can recreate. Need help with baby’s room paint just go here. Your kid’s room should also reflect spring time. Play around with pastels and bright colors to make their room and furniture look exciting and beautiful. You can also play around with their toys and choose toys with bright colors. Your kids’ rooms should also reflect spring as the rest of the house.

  • Update your lighting

It is time to lighten up your living space with bold new light fixtures. There is a whole new effect of hanging a pendant or vintage chandelier in your living area. When you pair this with a newly painted feature wall and fresh spring pillows, then the effect is beyond what you expect. Lighting fixtures are a great way of accentuating your home so that your home is not just bright during the day but also during the night. With the many chandelier designs available, don’t be afraid to take risks with that. Go bold and go wild. Its spring time!

Away with the monotony of rows upon rows of books. Try sorting books by size and subject. Line up some books vertically and other horizontally or in patterns. You can also cover your books with certain patterns so that your books also add some life into your bookshelf. In addition, you can change the design of the bookshelf so that it complements the design of your living room. Who said that a bookshelf must be a straight up wall cabinet? You can decorate it further with shells and art pieces that work well with the bookshelf design.

  • Spruce up the exterior

Spring gives you the perfect opportunity to spruce up your exteriors. One way to transform your exterior is through exterior house painting. You can play around with pastel colors for your exterior house painting. Remember your exterior is the most visible area of your home. As you work on your interior to make it more exciting, you should also pay attention to your exterior house painting.

You can also spruce up your interior with a little work on an outside garden. A flower garden in your backyard is a great idea to try out. Make the outside of your home shine brightly with greenery like fresh shrubs

Spring is time to go all out and try bold ideas to make your home more appealing. You don’t have to break the bank to do so because you could do some of these things as DIY projects. Its only matter of creativity and thinking outside the box.

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