Exterior House Painting DIY

Exterior House Painting DIY: What Tools to Buy?

Exterior house painting doesn’t only make your place look appealing but also skyrocket its resale value. Have you been looking forward to painting your house exterior yourself? As complex as it seems, it isn’t rocket science to transform your house with a fresh paint job in a timely manner.

There are two ways to take on any affordable home improvement task i.e. the easy way and the right way. This also works the same for exterior house painting. Find out why it’s so important. If you’re reading this post, there are chances that you’re doing this for the first time, right? Worry no more!

Is exterior house painting an affordable home improvement task? Well, that depends on how you imitate the process. Note that every home improvement task, including exterior house painting, is largely dependent on how much time you spend on preparation. Preparation is important, so make sure to buy all the necessary tools to avoid any hindrances when painting your house exterior.

Exterior House Painting – What Tools to Buy?

Follow this post to learn more about how to exterior paint your house in the fastest yet most inexpensive ways. And if employed correctly, the new look of your house can last for 10 years or more – done perfectly like professionals. With that being said, the following are 8 tools to buy that will set you up for a perfect exterior painting project.    

Multipurpose Painter’s Tool

It’s nice to have a tool that does the job of two. But a multipurpose painter’s tool, also known as the 5-in-1 tool, can handle all kind of prep work needed to be done before painting a house’s exterior. Guess what? This compact tool easily fits in a pocket let alone your toolbox. In a nutshell, multipurpose painter’s tool can help you do the following prep work:

  • Pull nails with the hole available in the center of the blade.
  • Either side of the tool is able to open paint cans.
  • The curved side of the tool is specifically made to squeeze the extra paint out of the rollers.
  • The sharp straight edge can be used to scrape loose paint to make repairs.
  • The pointed side of the tool can scrape and clean cracks before filling and repairing them.

Though the 5-in-1 tool is just perfect for any DIY paint job, there are tools available with extensive features i.e. 7-in-1 up to 17-in-1.

Pressure Washer

It is recommended to pressure wash the entire exterior before painting. And if you don’t have a pressure washer, you can just rent it from a local home improvement shop or borrow it from a friend. In a nutshell, pressure washing the house exterior before painting will definitely make a difference. Make sure to keep pressure washer away from the garden as it can damage trees, plants, shrubs, and other essentials.


If your painting project involves painting above 6-feet, you’re definitely going to need a ladder. With the ever-evolving manufacturing industry, ladders come in various types, shapes, and functionality. When it comes to exterior house painting, straight ladders, stepladders, or extension ladders will do the job.

  • Stepladders: Stepladders are nonadjustable and can range up to 6 meters or 20-feet in height. Stepladders come with a hinged design and support dual self-supporting sides. One of which has a curved flat step to climb. Most stepladders also feature a horizontal surface on the top to accommodate any tools or paint bucket.
  • Straight ladders: Straight ladders can reach up to 9 meters or 30-feet in height. If you own a straight ladder, make sure to put it against even surfaces at about 75-degrees.
  • Extension ladders: Extension ladders are much like straight ladders except they consist of two adjustable sections. Thus, as the name suggests, extension ladders are adjustable.

Drop Cloths

Drop cloths are must-have when painting your house exterior. You wouldn’t want the paint to spill all over the garden, right? If so, make sure to cover plants, trees, shrubs, grass, and other essentials in your garden with drop cloths before scraping excess paint or pressure washing the exterior. Drop cloths will let the water run through while keeping track of the paint chips.

Scraper or Sander

Before any paint job, one must scrape or sand off all the chipped paint from the surface. To do so, it is recommended to buy surface-prep tools i.e. simple hand sander or scraper. Though the chipped paint can be removed using a water pressure tool, it is not the best option for wood as it can mar the wooden surfaces.

Paint Brush

A paint brush is an obvious tool to start painting your house exterior, but once you get into a paintbrush shop, the variety of brushes available can confuse anyone. In most cases, a 3-4 inches flat wall brush is a good choice for beginners or DIYers. It will save a lot of time while holding a moderate amount of paint – making this an affordable home improvement project.

Paint Rollers

If you’re confused about using small or large rollers, note that you’ll need both in exterior house painting. To paint congested spaces and corners, you’ll need small rollers up to 3 inches wide only. But the entire exterior with a 3 inches roller seems impossible. Thereby, using a 9 inches roller is the standard choice to paint the entire house.

Roller Screen

If you don’t want to waste a lot of paint make your exterior house paint an affordable home improvement project, a roller screen is an effective tool to get rid of excess paint from paint rollers. A roller screen stays vertically in the paint bucket and is used to get rid of excess paint on the roller. Just rub the roller with the roller screen after dipping it into the paint bucket.

Final Verdict

Painting the exterior of the house is certainly a time-consuming and hard job, so make sure to bring a lot of attitude with you when getting started with this home improvement project. In nutshell, with these 8 things, you’re perfectly ready to take on this classy DIY job.

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