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Finding the Best Paint Types for the Baby’s Room

When it comes to affordable home improvement, you are always concerned about aesthetics. However, at the same time, you must be very careful about the material that you use if you decide to do the job yourself. This is especially true for your baby’s room. More than creating a great functional and stylish space for your little ones, you must also keep the room safe and secure.

Luckily, there are various products that allow parents to get the look they want without putting the well-being of their little ones at risk. So much so, for a more worrying parent, there are types of paint, which can even kill microbes such as bacteria, fungus, and viruses, as well as absorb formaldehyde.

People are often very careful in choosing paints for their homes, be it interior house painting or exterior house painting. At the same time, when choosing a safe paint for your baby’s room, we recommend you to go for a water-based paint product. From a health point of view, it must contain zero volatile compounds, which have less than five grams per liter of the volatile organic compounds.

You will find a number of paint options at your local store, but we recommend you ask for paint, which does not need a primer. In this way, you will have paint with fewer chemicals. If you had mold or fungus in your house, there are safe paint products that come with antimicrobial agents, which help keep the mildew and mold at bay. So, ask about such products when you go to your local store and shop for paint.

Milk Paint

Milk Paint offers unique products that are truly back to basics, for instance, the earth-based paints. These paint products are naturally free from volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Milk Paint is one of the safest paint products on the planet.

When parents expect a certain joy or happiness, one of the stressful but potentially fun parts of preparation is to work substantially in designing the baby’s room. So, you really want the baby’s room to be a place of comfort, rest, and love. Of course, you also want to give it your own personal touch. At the same time, you may not want to have a typical blue or gendered pink theme.

There are many different color themes you can choose from, and also so many different ways to make it significantly unique for your baby. You can also put your own personal touches, which will make the baby’s room even more distinctive and special.

Your baby is your sunshine! You know “Lullaby” is the most adorable song, which can make a unique theme for a nursery. Using the safe Milk Paint product, we recommend you to make the basis for this room a yellow color. Similarly, you can try painting the walls with a dove gray and use yellow accents to have a great sunshiny feel.

In addition, Chevron is an amazing pattern that can work well in your baby’s room, along with a DIY light fixture to really mimic the sun itself. The whole point is to be bright! For this, you can also use flowers as décor as well.

Another great idea is trying a nautical theme, and going crazy with decorations, color, and accents. Blue, white, and red are classic nautical colors, but you always have the choice to use any color combination, nonetheless, it is important that you stay true to the basics, boats, clean strips, and anchors. Milk Paint offers aqua blue paint colors! You can use it with crisp white boats/ships and pinstriped walls that will look awesome as navy blue walls, a great red bed and white accents. You can likewise individualize the nautical theme easily, so don’t be scared to experiment with it.  

YOLO Color House

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the YOLO Color House paint has no volatile organic compounds, no reproductive toxins, no chemical solvents, and HAPs-free. The Yolo Color House Company takes the consumer and environmental safety seriously. They have restricted more than thousand chemical compounds from their paint products. The zero-volatile organic compounds formula by the company means that these paint products are a great choice for your baby’s room.

In addition, No toxic fumes in the paint products mean that these pains do not contain any air pollutants. These products are free from mutagens, ozone-depleting compounds, hazardous air pollutants, phthalates, and formaldehyde. The paint products are a good and healthier option for your baby’s room. However, if you have certain health concerns, it is important to consult with your doctor.

As soft as bunny ears and as sweet as strawberry ice cream, YOLO Color House sprout .06 is a great pink color for your baby’s room. You can add it in a simple stencil as well as with YOLO Color House greens to have a wall just as elegant and sweet as your little one.

Don’t forget to check the special canvas color collection at the official website of YOLO Color House. Use hues from this collection to add an extra touch of sophistication to your baby’s room. A base of brown color .01 and brown .02 will provide a soothing backdrop. Likewise, layer with blue colors, graphic shapes, and a cute baby picture for the perfect space.

Bioshield Paint

Bioshield Paints offer solvent-free, water-based, zero-VOC paint products. These specialty paints are normally available from your painting professional. They are washable, breathable and economical – a perfect interior house painting. What separates the products of this company from the aforementioned paint products is not only their elegance and beauty but also a wide variety of colors to work with.

You can apply Bioshield Paint easily over sheetrock, gypsum board, plaster, and masonries such as brick and concrete. Likewise, it is incredibly easy to apply the Bioshield Paint over previously painted surfaces given that the existing level of sheen is flat. You can accomplish this without the use of solvents or VOCs.

Bioshield Clay and Casein Paint products are derived from raw ingredients. This paint product comes as a powder, which can be mixed easily with water to form an ideal consistency. Parents are usually in love with the variety of color options as well as the final appearance of the non-toxic clay paint for their baby’s room.

In addition, Bioshield Teal Color Paint is a great choice for your baby’s bedroom. You can make it more cheerful when you combine it with some warm accent colors, for instance, pink, orange, and yellow work particularly well. So much so, its versatility means you can easily switch up your accessories in order to create a whole new look without compromising and/or having to re-paint the entire baby room.

Grey and Yellow is the ultimate neutral color combination, which works very well in a baby’s bedroom. We recommend you to go for pale colors for a more inviting and soft look. Bioshield red and blue classic pairing just looks awesome as part of a classic-themed scheme, complete with blue and red bunting. Moreover, cool blue walls uniquely balance out hot red accents in the furniture, woodwork, and accessories. Our recommendation is to go for a chalky blue color that will blend easily with other paints as your baby gets a bit older.

Furthermore, you can also use Bioshield Pastels but they don’t have to be sugary. You should use splashes of pastel yellow, green, blue, or pink, which can look excitingly modern. Depending on the quantities of these colors you use, they just work very well in the baby’s room, especially in the baby girl’s room. Using these colors, you can paint cupboard doors, woodwork, and drawers in a variety of pastel hues/shades and set them off against white walls.

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