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Keeping the surfaces of our house smooth, undamaged and with the paint in good condition makes us convey a healthy, clean, and carefully decorated home, with a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. However, with time there would be cause for general home repairs due to wear and tear.

There are many damages around the home that you can fix with fresh paint. Some general home repairs can be handled with little materials and some paint to restore the beauty. To do this, you need to know the right steps to take.

If you are encouraged to fix the walls of your home, for example, you should know that it is essential to prepare them before painting. Only then will you achieve the desired result.

Since every situation is unique, you must analyze the surface to be treated, the qualities of the house, the decoration, what the room is used for, the extent of the damages you want to repair, among other factors. This is really important if you want fix any damage without creating another.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are embarking on general home repairs:

Determine The Problem And Find The Right Solution

This is where everything has to start from. Without a proper diagnosis, you will not really be able to conduct the repairs as you should.so, diagnose and evaluate the type of damage to be repaired. Check the walls and trims and detect the cracks, locate the holes, and nail holes. If its the kitchen then check here for ideas. Find out the size and extent of the damages.

Take into account the type of surface to be treated, if it is exterior or interior. Also consider the material. Is it wood, concrete, plastic paint, or wallpaper? Choose the specific product that best suits each material.

Use the appropriate tools to achieve the desired result. What tools would you need to get the job done? Would you need spatulas, sandpapers, trowels, or rollers? Have everything ready before the general home repairs begin.

Dealing With Cracks With Crack Tapes

When we see that our wall or ceiling has a crack, we must find out if it is a structural defect of the house or if it is due to the expansion and contraction of the materials. For this type of problems we must use crack tapes or special mastics.

Crack tape is very helpful when cracks start to appear due to the expansion and contraction of the materials. This adhesive tape is easy to use. You can cut it to size of the crack and simply stick it on top of it. After pasting it, just let it dry and sand it. You can spray some paints on it to make its color properly blend with your wall.

For Small Outdoor And Indoor Works

Wooden and concrete surfaces with small defects such as cracks, holes, and crevices can easily be fixed in no time with pastes, cement, and special mastics carefully applied with a spatula.  Here are some of these quick fixes:

Fillers For Small Cracks And Holes

With fillers, you can easily fill and repair small cracks, holes, and crevices on the wall. Universal putties are the most recommended for outdoor use, although you can also apply them on any type of surface. For interior surfaces apply a thin or thick layer of universal mastic, according to the crack or hole.

Keep in mind that to apply this product, fill the crack, sand it once dry until the surface is smooth, the crack has to exceed two millimeters. There are also specific products for concrete, wood and even glass fiber reinforced concrete.

Pastes For Exterior And Interior

Pastes are perfect for small repairs, especially if all we have to do is to plaster and repair the defects of the walls, equalize and fill irregularities before painting. They are indicated for fixed or static cracks and allow a fine and high quality finish. When painting your walls, pastes can be all you need if the crack is tiny.

White And Gray Cement

These can be used both indoors and outdoors to seal, repair and fill any irregularities on concrete and brick.


This is used for small interior works, especially decoration and moldings. It allows us to perform high quality work with very fine finish and serves to seal and cover holes or cracks on walls made of brick, and stone. The advantage is that the plaster is fast sealing.

Cement Adhesive

Cement adhesive works in virtually all types of work.  You can make it into paste to seal and fill holes and cracks. It is indicated for renovations in interior areas.


Mortar is also indicated for all types of work. With the mortar, you can cover walls, protect joints, and raise walls. One of the biggest advantages of mortar is that it is soft and gives room for expansion in the wall. It is also easy to sand. So, you can smoothen everything and paint the whole wall afterwards.

Filling Cracks On Large Outdoor Surfaces

When you find large areas damaged, it is highly recommended to use pastes or mastics reinforced with universal putties, mortar or exterior pastes, which in addition to allowing you to fill the hole well, are highly resistant to high temperatures and humidity.

Important Things To Keep In Mind

  • Once the putty dries it tends to decrease its volume and you must prevent it from falling off. The correct way to apply it is to throw small quantities with the help of a spatula over the crack in the form of thin layers.
  • Before applying the putty, make sure you must open the crack, creating a kind of V shape before then applying the paste well.
  • Apply the products when the surface is completely clean, dry and firm.
  • Always use safety equipment, such as gloves, masks, disposable jumpsuit or old clothes. This way, you will protect yourself from the rubbing of the products and avoid possible allergic reactions.
  • Make sure the cracks are properly filled before applying the paint.

If this looks overwhelming, you have nothing to worry about. Our dedicated staff members are more than willing to offer professional assistance and help you perform a solid general home repair before helping brighten up your home with quality paints. Remember that, with the right materials and the appropriate procedures, your home can be as good as new again.

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