how much does exterior house paint cost

How much does exterior house paint cost?

Need your house painted? Here’s an idea of what to expect.

Whether you would like to spruce your old house or you have recently purchased your new home somewhere in Carrollton, new paint can refresh the beauty of your property. Good exterior paint can increase the value of your house, but it is vital to do it in the right way. Painting the exterior of a home is one of the most complicated jobs that a homeowner can take on. It is nearly impossible to do this complicated task on your own.

If you are living in Carrollton, then it is best to consider a professional contractor for painting the exterior of your house. Because professional contractors in Carrollton know that what type of paint will work best for your house walls to stay on for a more extended period. A good professional contractor can paint your house under budget. However, it is essential that you must know how much an exterior house paint costs in Carrollton. Let’s take a look upon the factors which gets included in the exterior paint house costs.

Factors to Consider When Finding Out how much does exterior house paint cost

1.    Size of the house

Contractors provide estimating cost of the house paint on the base of square footage of your house. If your home is between 500 to 15,000 sq feet, then the cost of the paint can be in between $1,000 to $3,000. However, factors like ease of access and the number of stories can affect the overall cost price. The average cost to paint a house is about $2,581 and most of the contractors depending upon the factors, charge $1,714 to $3,682.

2.    Cost of the paint

It is always good to use high quality of exterior paint for your house. Not only the high-quality paint will look nice but also in the future it will give you better durability and coverage. Here better coverage means a few coats and less time. The durability of the paint means you do not have to spend money to repaint the exterior of your house in the future. But first, you should know how much paint you require and how much it will cost you at the first place. We have given a rough estimate of the amount of paint that you may need according to square feet. A 2,100sq.ft home may take about 12 gallons of paint. The high quality of paint covers 350 sq.ft. in two coats. Also, double the number that you need because it takes two coats to cover the home exterior.

When you go to a home improvement store, find out that how much 12 gallons costs you. The low quality of paint may cost about $30, which means $360 for paint. The high-quality paint may cost you about $70 then your total paint cost would become $840. Professionals recommend that you may add. The gallons may vary due to the texture of the material.

3.    The cost to Paint siding

Depending upon the construction material, professional contractors might charge you more or less for your exterior house paint. Firstly we prepare the walls of the house as a nice base before starting the actual paint. The texture of some materials require more paint to cover them properly that is why the costs vary than other materials. Some of the material that can increase the paint cost is mention here. Take a look

  • Concrete siding: If you have used concrete on the house of your walls then first your walls require to prepare them before painting. There are some cases when some previous finishes also have to get removed so that paint doesn’t chip or peel off. To ensure the endurance of concrete, the application of some primers, special sealants, and paints may need before the actual paint. Professionals usually charge between $500 for 250 sq.ft and $2,000 for 1,000 sq.ft.
  •  Metal siding:  Metal siding paint costs depends upon various factors. In some cases, a simple cleaning is enough to prepare metal siding for painting. Sometimes climate conditions rust the metal and professionals need to repair the metal before start painting. In worst cases, professionals may need to remove the old finish, and they would paint to get to the original layer. This cost will add to the final price of paint. The final bill may become in between $400 for 250 sq.ft and $1,500 for 1,000 sq.ft when you add the actual painting price of the metal siding.
  •  Stucco siding: Stucco requires extensive preparation such as cleaning, filling up cracks, and caulking, etc. Depending upon the climate conditions and location, the paint which is suitable for brushing and rolling over stucco greatly varies. In certain climate conditions, some of the stucco paint varieties may peel and chip away, so professionals do not recommend them. Such factors make stucco a special and expensive material to cover. Professionals may charge you from $900 for 500 sq.ft to $3,000 for 1,500 sq.ft.
  •  Vinyl siding: With the recent innovations in the painting materials, vinyl siding has become among the most inexpensive siding materials to paint. Firstly, homeowners will need to clean, replace and repair vinyl sections that got blown off due to bad weather conditions. Then professional painters can apply paint over vinyl siding easily. However, the finish may require regular maintenance and extensive work. Professionals may charge you in between $600 for 250 sq.ft and $2,000 for 1,000 sq.ft. The price usually increases for the finishing on your siding, but professionals do not always recommend if weather conditions do not degrade the siding.
  • ·       Wood siding: Homeowners can stain or paint their wood sidings which get worn off due to the sun or extreme humidity. Missing pieces, holes or other factors may increase the overall cost of paint. Professionals may charge you in between $700 for 250 sq.ft and $2,000 for 1,000 sq.ft.

4.    Supplies costs

Determining the cost of exterior home paint, you should include the cost of other materials like supplies, paint, and other multiple items in addition to the siding. Painters will need several other supplies for the project of your home exterior. You can personally provide any material without a license to reduce the cost of the project. Also, painting supplies are also good to have around them for later touch-ups and maintenance. The cost of painting supplies will not more than $200 to $300. Consider to purchase brushes, buckets, drop cloths, rolling handles and roller, paint pans, sandpaper, paint sprayer, scrapers, caulk, painter’s tape, and ladder

5.    Additional Exterior Features

If you have decided to paint to paint the additional exterior features of your home besides walls, then painting professionals may include them as a part of your exterior painting project. Others may charge such features separately. If the additional features are not get included in the project, then the cost may vary.

•    Fascia: $500 to $1,000

•    Porches: $500 to $2,000

•    Doors: $70 to $150

•    Downspouts and Gutter: $200 to $800

•    Window sashes: $100 to $200

•    Shutters: $150 to $400

Now you have gone through all the expecting costs, and you might like to hire a professional contractor for your exterior house painting in Carrollton. Prominence Painting & Remodeling, LLC is one of the best professional contractors for exterior house painting in Carrollton. Prominence Painting & Remodeling, LLC can give you an estimated cost depending upon the square foots and the material of your house walls.

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