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How Texas Storms Season Can Affect a Home’s Exterior Paint

Over the last few years, weather conditions in Texas have been getting more and more intense – especially the stormy season ranging from June to November. With these intense conditions becoming more common, it is necessary to keep your house safer and in its original shape. Many of you might not know that exterior house paint which is an affordable home improvement can storm proof your house to much extent.

With that being said, follow this post to learn how Texas storms season can affect a home’s exterior paint and how to select the best paint for Texas heat.

Exterior Paint Vs. Texas Storms Season

Exterior paint can be spoiled in intense weather conditions before, during, and after the paint job is done. The more you’re aware of the Texas storms season, the better you can prepare your house exterior to avoid costly yet regrettably error. Therefore, it is recommended to take Texas’s intense weather into consideration to have a long-lasting exterior paint.

Texas storms season exerts a continuous yet harsh influence on exterior painting. One must consider the location and schedule exterior painting per the weather demands to make exterior house painting an affordable home improvement project. You wouldn’t want to stop the work due to a harsh storm and then start it over from day first, right?

If you’re planning to paint your house exterior anytime soon, here is a brief guide explaining how Texas storms season can affect a home’s exterior in many ways:


Whether its summer or winter, temperature greatly affects the painted exterior – it causes the paint to contracts in cold and expands in the heat. Over the time, the severe weather conditions can lead to cracks in the paint layers. The temperature in Texas during the stormy season is somewhat mild to hot. And if by any chance, you decide to paint your house exterior before a stormy night, this will result in extreme peeling paint.

Though you cannot decide the temperature outdoors, it is recommended to let a professional painter decide the best week to paint your house exterior. Professional painters in Texas will decide the perfect time to complete your exterior paint jobs with ease. While cold weather conditions decrease the drying time of the paint, the hot temperature can change the actual color of the paint. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on the weather forecast before starting an exterior house paint.


When talking about the Texas storms season, the first thing that comes to the mind is strong yet harsh winds. No doubt wind causes the paint to dry quickly and you can save a lot of time to re-coat again. But excessive wind can cause the paint to dry so quickly that it compromises the quality of the paint – leading to weak layers of paint. And when the weather changes, the paint starts to peel off due to an accumulation of water between the exterior surface and paint layer.

In ideal conditions, the exterior paint forms a film after drying which is nearly impossible when it was dried due to excessive wind. After some time, the after-effects of excessive wind cause serious damage to the paint job – requiring re-coats within a few months.

Also, the dust particles coming with storms can get stuck in a newly painted exterior. Thus, never make a mistake to exterior paint your house during Texas storms season.


Humidity is one of the main reasons why nobody wants to paint their house exterior in rain or storms. For a perfect paint job, it is recommended to paint your house exterior in a sunny yet dry day. On the other hand, if it’s a stormy or rainy night, it’ll take much longer for the paint to dry and it will also peel off faster. You wouldn’t want to see all your efforts go in vain after a stormy night, right?

Obviously, there is always a moderate level of humidity in the atmosphere, and if you’re looking forward to waiting for it to end, you’ll never be able to complete the paint job. In a nutshell, it is best to avoid Texas storms season and wait for a dry day when looking forward to painting your house exterior in Texas. Also, make sure your house exterior is not wet or damp when you start painting it.

Prepare Your House to Paint in Texas Storms Season

To ensure a quality paint job in Texas storms season, exterior paint job should be taken as a serious application. Though exterior house painting is an affordable home improvement project, it can become a costly one in case you face a stormy night during a paint job.

Following is the checklist of proper preparation to paint your house exterior in Texas storms season:

  • Make sure to thoroughly clean the exterior surfaces to remove any dirt, mold, mildew, and other particles. This can be done using a bleach solution or pressure washer. You can also rent a pressure washer from your local home improvement shop or just borrow it from a friend.
  • Scrape old paint as much as possible. The more you scrape off old paint, the more the new paint layers will have effect on the exterior.
  • Take your time to repair chips, cracks, splinters, and other damaged surfaces on the exterior surface.
  • Before starting to apply primer, make sure the exterior surface is dry. In case of a storm or rain, allow the surface completely dry.
  • Make use of a quality primer before any exterior house painting job.

However, the weather continues to affect the painted exterior even long after the painting job is done. Therefore, it is recommended to choose exterior paint colors according to the weather. When it comes to Texas, weather here is often sunny, thus, avoid dark colors and go for paints having UV protection.

Also, make sure to select quality paints and professionals to help you get the best out of this affordable home improvement project. Still, in case you have any questions, contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you!

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