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Interior Painting Ideas for a Romantic Bedroom

In your overly demanding life, having a romantic bedroom might be the perfect treat to keeping your relationship life on track. Kids may run around in the living room and disorganize everything, the kitchen may be full of dirty utensils, but your bedroom is always the one place you go to get away from all of that. Painting your bedroom is one of the top 5 ways to improve your house.

That said, everyone has a different idea on how their romantic space should be. The one common factor we all have is that we want a gorgeous bedroom. Creating a romantic bedroom doesn’t need a lot of money and time. In reality, finding the right romantic colors for bedrooms is all that you need. Especially if you hire the right home remodeling contractor. You can easily keep the romantic bedroom theme all year long with something as simple as sultry paint colors. See some info on how we take care of your bedroom painting.

If you don’t know where to start, then this article is in your best interest. We’ve rounded up the best romantic colors for bedrooms so you can take your pick. Also, stick around since I’ll be sharing some useful information on how to spice up your romantic bedroom in the content below. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Best Romantic Colors for Bedrooms

1.    Bright Red

Well, red is actually the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to romantic colors for bedrooms. You can never go wrong incorporating red to your romantic bedroom. If you’d like to have that amazing valentine’s look, then stick with a two-color story. For instance, bright red and white. Most people actually find red as a symbol of love. So, it’s the ideal choice for your romantic bedroom.

You can also go with a deep ruby red shade that will definitely do justice to your romantic bedroom. Another great way to add red to your bedroom is using red with red color accents. That means, using red color as an accent by for example adding gold paint to the background. You can easily pair up several different kinds of red to create a captivating and romantic bedroom.

2.    Light Lilac

This is also another incredible design idea that will completely change the theme of your bedroom. Light lilac will give you a calm, serene environment to your space. The key to making this light lilac theme work is to stick to a muted pastel. That’s in case the designer works within the purple spectrum.

Contrasting textures, finishes and shapes will keep things a little more interesting. You can choose a white base paint that has a little hint of lilac to bring out the best of this color. Also, who said that painting is limited to walls only? With the right interior designer, you can also get the floor or ceiling painted to make a more geometric look.

3.    Deep Raspberry Shade

Raspberry shade is a good way to add some romance to your bedroom. More importantly, this shade is more of a romantic mauve rather than a pink. This is especially good if you share your room with your husband or boyfriend and he doesn’t think that too much pink is a good thing.

Instead of using deep raspberry shade only, you can also spice things up a little bit by using varying raspberry shades. All the way from dark red to light pink shades of raspberry. It’s actually a great way to cascade the raspberry color and definitely add some taste to your bedroom space. But to get the best results when it comes to romantic colors for bedrooms, you need to let a professional handle the paintwork.

4.    Black shade

I’m sure you are probably wondering what black painting is doing here in the list of the best romantic colors for bedrooms. Well, black is actually a good shade and it can easily work. Black is a very bold color. So, you can go for accents that will accentuate the color and at the same time follow suit with the black tones. Therefore, if you are going to go bold, ensure you go all the way.

For the extra tip, you can choose to go with black and white color and bedroom theme. This will set a more romantic tone due to its structure. The shades of black and white automatically come out as romantic. And that makes these two colors the best romantic colors for bedrooms.

Another great option is using the boldness of both black and white shades. This is a gorgeous way to decorate your room and still maintain that lover’s theme. On top of that, these two colors when mixed and matched perfectly will create a clean and romantic getaway spot in the master bedroom. It’s a great way of adding some flair into your space.

5.    Gray Shade

The romance in the Gray shade comes from its seductive and mysterious energy. Above all, this color has been known to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety in our bodies. No more worrying about work, children or bills when you get to your bedroom.

There are a variety of options you can go for especially when it comes to the gray shade. For starters, gray blends incredibly well with pink colors. This is a fantastic color combo that is naturally romantic. If you add tiny pink elements into the bedroom, they will act as a simple hint of romance. While on the other hand, the gray in the background acts as a bold color giving you the perfect setting.

Another great alternative to gray is using the soft gray color. You can add gorgeous accents into the design to have a great finish. Gray is one color that you will never go wrong using it. Last but not least, you can also use the powder gray. This is a naturally romantic color because of its classy and moving design. It’s a wonderful design that will only invite sheer romance to your bedroom.

Before you go…

So, which one of these great colors do you think will make the perfect romantic bedroom color? As you’ve seen, you can easily mix and match two colors to give you that perfect bedroom.

My personal favorite is gray and pink. It brings out the romantic vibe in any bedroom. What’s your personal favorite? Take your pick and find the best interior designer to help you complete that look.

And as always, be sure to find the right home remodeling contractor who is insured and who can finish the job the way you want.

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