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Kitchen Remodel Ideas With Paint

Using The Right Paint To Brighten Your Kitchen

Do you know you can have a kitchen remodel idea and transform your old or outdated kitchen without too much effort or cash, just using the right color of paint? With the help of paint, you can brighten your kitchen and make it more attractive. Learn about moisture resistant paint in this article.

The idea of a kitchen remodel usually implies redistributing space, improving it aesthetically and functionally. This would give a change of appearance, and spice up your kitchen. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can just get this done with something as affordable as paint and colors. Here are a few kitchen remodel ideas using paint to focus on.

Painting Walls And Ceiling

This is by far the most fundamental focus in any remodeling. Changing the color of the walls is the cheapest and most eye-catching way to quickly have a kitchen remodel. When choosing to brighten your kitchen, the new colors can be all the you need to turn things around.

Renovate Furniture With Paint

A simple and inexpensive way to remodel furniture is to change the doors and drawers. In this way we keep the rest of the furniture that can be more expensive.

But if the furniture is in good condition, and we do not have so much budgeted, a couple of hands of paint can renew them completely. Maybe changing the clear lacquer for a white lacquer would be an alternative.

The Tiles or Ceramics

This is one of the most cumbersome tasks of remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. To change them, it is necessary to invest both money and effort. As mentioned earlier, the work is uncomfortable. However, there is always the option of painting the tiles with a special paint.

To give the kitchen a more modern look you could choose the same tone of the walls, unifying the color in the whole room.

Change The Counter top

No doubt you can also refinish the counter top, but it is not good to abuse the paint. If you do a neat and delicate job it can result well, but the brush could easily remove the paint, so it is much better to replace or resurface it.

In the market you will find coatings and synthetic counter tops at low prices and good performance, which imitate stones and wood to perfection. The coatings adhere to the previous surface with special glues.

Doors And Windows

The entrance door, exit door and the windows are perfect areas to brighten up using paint. Giving them a fresh coat of paint will also contribute to the total brightening look you may want.

Change Lighting

Light is a fundamental aspect in any environment. According to its color and intensity, the color of the walls can be seen differently and the decoration more lively.

To give the kitchen a brighter look, changing the light is as important as changing the color of paint. Find new lamps, change location, and replace the curtains. All these go a long way.

How To Choose The Colors To Paint Your Kitchen

Before painting your kitchen, ask yourself these five questions to make it easier for you to choose the color of the walls, be it modern, small or next to the dining room. You may even want to contact a local seasoned pro for other options.

In the kitchen, there is a wide range of colors, color schemes and their different combination. To choose the color of the kitchen we have to ask ourselves a series of questions that will help us in the correct choice:

  • What time will you spend in it?
  • Who will enjoy the atmosphere?
  • Will you eat there as a family?
  • Is it large or small?
  • Can you change the color of the furniture?

These types of questions should be asked in the choice of practically all family environments, but in this case we will apply them to the kitchens. And with the answers to the above questions we will choose the most convenient colors:

What Time Will You Spend In It?

If you know you spend long hours in the kitchen, you have to carefully consider the type of bright color you are going for. Decide if it is okay to choose a color that is really intense, such as orange or yellow, or complementary colors of a contrast scheme.

Some people have visual fatigue being around intense colors for long. If this is you, you can opt for neutral and clear colors such as cream, beige, white, or tonal schemes and soft colors. If you do not spend a lot of time in the kitchen, though, it will not matter too much.

Who Will Enjoy The Atmosphere?

The best person to choose the color of the kitchen is the one who will spend more time working in that place. This could be the housewife, if she cooks. The person spending the most time in the kitchen should be given the chance to make a decision.

Will You Eat There As A Family?

Eating in the kitchen means that it is also used as a dining room. Therefore, colors that encourage communication between the members of the family, an environment of harmony and a good appetite will be recommended. Orange, for example, stimulates the appetite and interaction, while blue stimulates the opposite. It is not necessary to choose a single color for all walls, but to paint only one, or use it as an accent color is very appropriate in this environment.

Is It Large Or Small?

If it is large or small, it will give the pattern of what effect it has to create with the colors to modify its proportions visually. It is common to know that light or cold colors enlarge spaces and dark or warm tones reduce it.

Can You Change The Color Of The Furniture?

In a kitchen, it is not necessary to have too much decoration before making it look bright. Since furniture and utensils fill practically all the space, it is very important to take into account what color they are and how they will combine with the chosen tones.

Recommended Colors

  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Green
  • Turquoise
  • Yellow

No matter what colors you go for or which area of your kitchen you would love to remodel, picking the right colors and working with a professional will add a breath of freshness to your kitchen and make you fall in love with it once again.

Take advantage of some of these kitchen remodel ideas when planning your updates.

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