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What’s the Best Exterior House Paint for a Hot Texas Summer?

Exterior house painting jobs come with a variety of challenges. From the geographic location to the surface type to weather to outdoor conditions, certain things must be considered before getting started with your next exterior house painting job – especially in a hot Texas summer.  When you’re ready, we’re here to tackle the job.

Setting aside all generic factors, it is also important to protect our environment with quality paint jobs. But what steps must be taken to ensure god exterior house painting job in the summer heat? Well, follow this post and we’ll try to answer each positing question about painting your house exterior in a hot Texas summer.

Exterior Painting Your House in Summers

Whether you’re planning a DIY exterior house painting or hiring a professional for the job, you’ll probably get confused between the never-ending arrays of hues and shades let alone dozens of paint manufacturers and suppliers. Therefore, we’ve come up with a thorough guide to help you determine best exterior house paint for summers.

Choosing an ideal exterior house paint involves using the right paint and correct colors to end up achieving long-lasting results.

Type of Paint Used

Exterior house painting is entirely different than interior paint. Though both paints include a mixture of solvents, resins, additives, and pigments, they’re used in different quantities and concentrations.

When it comes to interior paint, it is often subtle as compared to exterior paint. This is because interior paint doesn’t have to fight off extreme weather conditions, temperature, outdoor conditions, UV rays, and more.

On the other hand, exterior paint is somewhat more flexible which assists in preventing cracks and peeling when the surface contracts or expands in summer and winter. They also consist of special additives to prevent mold growth, fading, fungus, and insect accumulation. Therefore, modern exterior paints are made more vibrant, durable, and hardcore than ever.

An ideal exterior paint must be able to

  • Retain its true color and wouldn’t fade over time. Thus, it’ll have high color retention.
  • Cover any to every kind of exterior surface. It is often referred to as hiding power of a surface. If you haven’t done an exterior paint job in a while, you might have some dark spots you’d want to cover. Make sure the exterior paint you select does that with ease.
  • Resist chalking – the light powdery film we see on the exterior surface. This often happens when people use the same paint like that of the interior.
  • Prevent blistering that occurs with the accumulation of moisture between the surface and the layer of paint.

Choosing the Best Exterior Paint Colors

Setting aside the paint type, colors play an important role in combatting the hot Texas summer, one’s comfort and even have a great impact on our mood. According to a study, it was found that colors impact people’s choice for up to 60% when they first see an item. For instance, red is a sign of extreme anger, stress, or urgency. Therefore, we often describe anger as the face gets red and stop signs are also red. On the other hand, red is also a color of love i.e. roses, heart, flowers, lisp, etc. In a nutshell, our reaction to certain things is largely dependent on the current circumstances and perspective object.

The right selection of exterior paint colors also increases the resale value of your property while others may retract it. Also, colors must be selected based on the certain things around the house i.e. plants, furniture, landscaping, architecture, and the overall atmosphere if your block. Some ideal exterior paint colors to use in summer are as follows:

  • Marigold
  • Pale purple
  • Seafoam green
  • Buttercream yellow
  • Indigo
  • Sky blue
  • Off-white

Tips to Choose the Best Exterior House Paint for Summer

The exterior house paint job is certainly an affordable home improvement project. But that doesn’t mean you can just cram the colors used in the process. In this regard, the following are some useful tips to help make the best choice for your home:

  • Determine the colors of your favorite items in your house including paintings, furniture, outdoor decorations, landscape and more. Note that your exterior house paint is going to last several years, therefore, select a color that complements your current house theme.
  • Are you exterior painting your house to sell? If so, choose muted neutral colors rather than being bold or trendy. Most buyers prefer neural colors over anything else.
  • Wander around your neighborhood to see what others are doing with their house exterior. Are they using neutral, bold, or bulky colors? This will help you devise new ideas and make your house stand out.
  • Never forget to consult Homeowners Association or your Property Managers and ask for the recommended colors in the neighborhood. Some commercial areas and neighborhoods only allow specified colors.
  • Consider how the shade and sun cover the house. Some colors would look different in bright yet shiny days and even more different on an overcast shiny day.

It is recommended to choose several colors in the first go. In this way, you’ll have a second option if your original choice doesn’t complement the overall appearance of the house.

Painting Tips to Paint Your House for Hot Texas Summer

Regardless of what color you choose, make sure to consider the following painting tips when undertaking this affordable home improvement project.

  1. Choose and purchase the best quality paint available for summer.
  2. Prepare your exterior surfaces. Make sure to clean, sand, scrape, and pressure washes them before starting to paint.
  3. Buy all necessary equipment including paint rollers, brushes, pressure washer, and other necessary tools.
  4. Take your time to cover landscapes, plants, windows, doors, and other furniture to avoid paint spills.
  5. Follow the paint manufacturer’s guideline when applying more than a single coat on your house exterior.

In a nutshell, exterior house painting, if employed correctly, is certainly an affordable house improvement project. Make sure to consider the aforementioned tips when exterior painting your house in hot Texas summer.

In case of further questions, suggestions, or expert’s advice, feel free to contact us.

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