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Why Exterior House Painting is So Important

Exterior house painting is certainly a quick and inexpensive way to refresh your home as it completely changes the texture of your house. A fresh paint coat doesn’t only add value to your house looks but also improves its resale value. Thus, whether you’re looking to sell or your house, exterior house painting can benefit you in engaging high-paying customers or rentals. Also, it is an efficient home improvement step to take during this summer.

Most of the time, we get our house exterior painted because of the damaged old paint. So, is it really worth to spend your hard-earned money on exterior house painting? We’ve got just the right answers to this frequently-asked-question by homeowners. Follow this post and learn more about the importance of exterior house painting by a pro and how it can benefit your daily life.

Why Exterior Painting Matters?

The simplest answer to this question would be that painting features both functional and aesthetic benefits for your home. Most of these benefits directly or indirectly aid in improving your home’s qualities right away. Therefore, if you’re considering to paint your house exterior, make sure to go through the following key benefits and reasons to do it by all means possible. Also, find out how our Texas storms can affect your home’s exterior paint.

Improved Aesthetics

When was the last time you painted your house exterior? Well, it may be a long time ago. But when you painted your house exterior a long time ago, you might’ve had different tastes. It is also possible that you’ve been hating the color of your house exterior from the very beginning. Or your kids who have now grown up want to make a change. If so, now is the right time to plan your exterior house painting. This affordable home improvement can improve your aesthetics greatly.

Therefore, never ever avoid the aesthetic value home improvement projects bring. With exterior painting, you and your family will experience a different taste, sensation, and scenery every time they return from school, college, office, supermarket, and whatsoever. In a nutshell, a fresh coat of exterior paint can completely change the way your house looks.

Increased Home Resale Value

Are you putting your house for sale? Have you been looking for new rentals? If so, exterior house painting can get you a better price than what you’ll spend on this affordable home improvement project – exterior house painting. In simple words, appraisers will evaluate your house with a different eye when it is neatly yet freshly coated recently. Also, exterior house painting greatly impacts the final value of your house as compared to other home renovations i.e. kitchen remodel, interior painting, etc.

If we talk about the numbers, a kitchen remodel where you spend $10,000 would increase your house resale value by an average of $7500. On the other hand, if you spend $2000 on the exterior house painting, your house value is most likely to increase by an average of $2800 – almost a return of 141 percent. Sounds fair enough?

Hide Exterior Flaws

Over the past few years, the exterior space of your house might be damaged by harsh weather conditions. And if you want to put these extreme damages on hold for a few more years, painting your house exterior might be the cheapest solution. In a nutshell, a fresh coat of paint on the house exterior can greatly cover damages, stains, and other flaws.

Improved Curb Appeal

The improved aesthetics value of your house isn’t just for your own good. If by any chance, you decide to sell your house, recent exterior paint can greatly affect the curb appeal of your house. Greater curb appeal refers to setting your house in the right tone for potential buyers. The first positive impression a living space leaves on its potential buyer is called curb appeal. Therefore, make sure to consider exterior house painting as a winning step towards a potential sale – profiting you in many ways.

In a nutshell, if a potential buyer likes the appeal of the exterior, he is most likely to compromise on one or two elements of your house he didn’t like. Sounds good?

Prolonged Lifespan of Siding

No matter how much you spent on the siding of your house, if its not being taken care of, it’ll be damaged within a few years. But a new coat of exterior paint can greatly increase its lifespan. If you have traditional forms of siding made of vinyl or wood, they need to be replaced every few years. And if exterior house painting can add a few years to their life, why spend a fortune on their replacement. In fact, exterior house painting is an affordable home improvement project than replacing sidings.

Identifying the Insect Damage 

Do you own a wood-based home? If so, you might have been experiencing insect problems every now and then. It is crucial to identify the accumulation of insects to avoid damages resulting in extremely expensive repairs. So, when exterior painting your house, it is recommended to identify your home’s siding for insect’s accumulation and it might save you hundreds of bucks. Identifying any possible insect damage earlier will stop an infestation in siding and wooden parts of your home.

Exterior House Painting Costs

Exterior house painting is unbelievably one of the most affordable home renovations you can make this summer. Guess what? You can get the entire house exterior painted for about $1000 if certain conditions are met.

Final Verdict

Overall, painting your exterior is not just about selecting a few colors and slap them on the exterior surfaces. There are numbers of things one must consider before taking on an exterior paint job. Whether you’re looking to hire a contractor or take on the exterior house painting job yourself as a DIY enthusiast, make sure to select the right set of colors and tools to make this affordable house improvement project a success. Following these things, you should be able to complete this renovation in a timely manner.

In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to comment down below or contact us. We’d be more than happy to assist.

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