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How to Pick the Perfect Color for Your Home

How To Select The Best Color For Your House

The first step to successful exterior house painting is finding the right color for your home’s exterior. The process of finding the right color can be terrifying. The best paint colors will help highlight the best features of the home. They will make your home stand out without being obnoxious to your neighbors.

Below are some great tips on how to choose your home’s paint colors.

  1. Respect history

If your home is older, you might want to use a color scheme that is historically accurate. You can consult a pro who can help make an analysis of the old paint chips and help you identify the home’s original color. Alternatively, you can use historic color charts to match the shades that could have been used to paint the home originally. The simpler the home is, the fewer the number of colors you should use.

An elaborate Victorian home would ideally need four to six colors at the most. Do some research on the color combinations used on historic homes. While you could decide to use modern paint colors on your home, honoring your home’s history will preserve its authenticity and its value for years to come.

  1. Be considerate of your neighbors

Look around your neighborhood to get ideas of what paint colors to go for. You should however never copy your neighbor’s paintwork exactly as this can be in bad taste. The colors you choose should not clash with those used on your neighbors’ homes but should complement them. Consider the architecture of your home and those of your neighbors’ homes. If your home stands alone and your neighbors don’t live close to you, then you might have more wiggle room in the colors you choose. Even then, consider your surroundings and pick colors that complement these surroundings.

  1. Get ideas from nature

Your home’s landscape is a wealth of color ideas. If you have trees and a lot of greenery around your home, browns, and greens might be a good color choice for your home’s exterior. If your home is by the beach, turquoises and vivid blues and even pink in different shades can be great color choices. If you have a garden in your front yard, exciting color combinations from blooming flowers can offer inspiration.

Also, consider the direction of the sun from your home. Color requires light and the color you choose should stand out in the sun.

  1. Check your roof

While your home’s exterior walls occupy the largest surface area in the home, you have to consider the other elements including the roof. The color you chose for the walls has to compliment your roof. Is your roof made of shingles? Asphalt? Slate? Metal? Terracotta? Clay? While the color you use on the wall should not be exactly the same as what is on the roof, it shouldn’t clash with it either. It is also important to consider that changing your roof’s color is harder and more expensive than changing the paint on the walls.

  1. Make note of the features that don’t require painting

Every home has certain features that do not require painting. Does your home have stone? Bricks? Or a combination of both? Is there a chimney that is dominant you want to preserve? Are the windows vinyl? Are the doors made from natural wood? These features are made of materials that come in their own colors. You might want to preserve the original look and feel of these features and so when choosing the paint color, consider choosing colors that compliment these features. Painting over these features is likely to make them lose their natural look and feel and you probably wouldn’t want that.

  1. Get inspiration from your living room

The color scheme inside your home is a great source of inspiration for your exterior paint color. Ultimately, you want both the interior and exterior of your home to be harmonious. However, consider that some paint colors are not ideal for the exterior of the home because they are not easy to manage. Unlike inside your home, the wear and tear outside are higher.

  1. Pay attention to the details

Use accent colors to emphasize architectural details. Dentil molding, imposts, brackets, swirls, and other architectural features can be highlighted using accent colors without tampering with their natural appearance.

Depending on how big and complex your home is, you might want to use a minimum of two and a maximum of six colors. Keep in mind that storm screen and windows can be bought in different colors so these can be changed later to match your exterior.

  1. Take advantage of the light

Have you ever wondered why most grand estates are painted white? This is because bright colors make the building seem bigger and white is a traditional classic architectural color. Consider making your home look bigger by going for bright colors. Darker colors are great for emphasizing shadows while light colors show projections. A pale cream or white is often a safe choice for those who prefer keeping it simple.

  1. Paint Durability

We all have our preferences when it comes to color. Some of us like bright shouting colors while others prefer neutral or dark colors. However, when painting your home’s exterior you need to consider durability. One thing to remember is that very deep and very bright colors fade quickly. In fact, colors can completely change as the paint ages. For instance, a deep gray may start appearing blue or green with age. This happens even when the paint used is high quality and expensive.

Dark colors are also more difficult to maintain. This is because they absorb heat and experience more problems from moisture in comparison to lighter shades. Because of fading, dark colors are hard to match up during touch-ups.  That notwithstanding, dark shades are good for hiding dust and dirt stains.

With these tips in mind, picking a paint color for your exterior house painting just got easy. Consider consulting an expert who can help you find the right color, and guide you on what quality paint to buy and application techniques as well.

At Prominence Painting and Remodeling we want to help you make you home look its best!

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