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Nothing brings new life and a vibrant feel to your home  quite like a fresh new interior house painting project.  Attention to detail is paramount with every  interior house painting project we do in Lewisville. And if you’re looking for exterior house painting projects we cab help there too.

Starting with the smallest of details like hiding tiny nail holes to larger issues including major holes and wall cracks.  In order to finish the way you dream you must work with a local interior house painting contractor with a professional approach and will start with excellent surface preparation.

We use the best in painting supplies available for that world class finish in every room.  Quality repairs, quality paints and quality service is where we shine at Prominence Painting & Remodeling, LLC.

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Interior House Painting Pros of Lewsiville - What to Expect

  • Protect flooring, furniture and appliances from unwanted paint
  • Remove and replace switch, outlet plates and vents
  • Prepare water stains for paint re-finishing
  • Prepare and seal cracks, seams, and joints for paint adhesion
  • Thoroughly clean and prep surfaces to be finished
  • Protect flooring, furniture and appliances from unwanted paint
  • Repair or fill existing nail holes
  • Prepare bare wood for paint adhesion
  • Remove loose paint and apply new texture to match
  • Interior house painting cleanup from a resectful crew

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