Carrollton Interior Molding and Trim Pros

Our pro team of Carrollton interior molding and trim installers will set off a room color, window size and door opening like nothing else.  Let’s face it, a new painting project is not complete without nice interior molding and trim to pull the final look together.

New interior molding and trim work can be included in any home or commercial project. Whether you want to get that new room ready after a nice interior painting project or you are working on weather repair on your exterior painting project, we are the painting pros in Dallas to help you get it done right the first time.

Carrollton Interior Molding And Trim Dallas

What to Expect From Our Carrollton Interior Molding and Trim

  • Protect flooring, furniture and appliances from unwanted debris
  • Correct fit and finish of all interior molding and trim details
  • Best width and thickness reccomendations for openings
  • Prepare and seal cracks, seams, and joints for best paint adhesion
  • Thoroughly sand, clean and prep interior molding and trim for finish
  • Protect flooring, furniture and appliances from unwanted paint
  • Repair or fill existing nail holes, knot holes and blemmishes
  • Prepare bare wood for best stain and paint adhesion
  • Remove loose paint and treat old molding and trim to match-if needed

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