Maintaining Your Home Exterior

Maintaining Your Home Exterior

The Importance of Maintaining Your Home Exterior with Good Quality Paint

House painting is always an easy way to refresh the look of your house. Most importantly, a high quality paint can completely transform the appeal of your exterior. Don’t just settle for any quality of paint, settle for the best. It is expected that the high quality paint will come with a higher price tag but it is always worth it. Cheap paint hardly lasts a year while good quality paint can last up to a decade.

The home exterior is the first thing that people see when they come to your house. It gives a sneak peek of what they should expect in your interior house painting. If your exteriors are looking all chipped off and dirty, then this will send the message that your interior is in the same condition. If your exterior looks aesthetic, clean and polished, then people will expect your interior to look even better. Besides giving a reflection of what your interior looks like, the appearance of your exterior also reflects your standards.

Before we talk about the importance of using a good quality paint, it is also important to know why you need to maintain the exterior paint of your home. It is important because:

  • It increases the value of your home in case you decide to resale it. A newly painted exterior increases the valuation of your home
  • It boosts visual appeal. You most definitely want your home to have a fresh look.
  • It gives an opportunity to update your style
  • It can help with hiding the exterior flaws from extreme weather conditions
  • It helps keep the moisture out since excess moisture leads to damage and growth of mold and mildew
  • It is an inexpensive way to remodel your home and give your exterior a pop of color
  • It prevents staining and peeling of paints. It also helps you cover permanent marks or stains that have become difficult to remove.
  • It gives a positive energy flow and a feel good atmosphere. A well-maintained exterior wall creates a positive environment. A freshness.

Now you know why you need to maintain your home exterior painting. However, this should not be an excuse to use cheap and low quality paint. In order to maximize on all these benefits of maintaining your home exterior, always go for a good quality paint.

The significance of using good quality paint

1. It is durable and long-lasting

As mentioned, good quality paint lasts longer, even to a decade. The smoother and more-uniform appearance it provides lasts twice as longer as compared to cheaper paint. Furthermore, high quality paint does not need so many coats. It doesn’t spread too thin like low quality paint which ends up requiring many coats.

2. It is easily applicable on surfaces

While using high quality paint, less effort is needed. You only have to use less brushing, rolling and retouching. This is quite essential especially when painting the exteriors of your home which can include very large surfaces. In addition, the less brushing, rolling and retouching also mean an easier cleanup. It will take a shorter time period to restore your exteriors to their appealing look.

3. It has minimum wear and tear

Good quality paint is created for endurance. Remember that your home exterior is exposed to dirt and changing weather patterns. Fortunately, good quality paint has the capability to resist dirt. Come rain, sunshine or your children’s dirty fingerprints, your exterior will remain as clean as it was. Moreover, a good quality paint is easier to clean in case of fingerprint scuffs. It will be very unfortunate to go for a low quality paint which gets dirty every time dirty fingerprints are placed on it. Imagine how dirty your exteriors will look?

4. Concealing capabilities

Good quality exterior painting is very effective in hiding the original wall color and imperfections in only a few coats. You can paint your exterior a totally different color and no one would notice the previous paint. Furthermore, it will save you time and money from using additional coats of paint.

5. Scrub resistance

Sometimes, the exterior can get dirty maybe from the wind or certain weather conditions. It will need to be scrubbed. Good news is that good quality paint can be scrubbed without damage to the surface. Unfortunately, low quality paint will chip off at the first application of a scrubber forcing you to redo the exterior painting.

6. Fade resistance

There is nothing as irritating as an exterior that fades over time. It loses its aesthetic nature and ends up looking dull and boring. High quality 100% acrylic latex paint ensures that your exterior does not fade. Such paints can maintain the fresh appearance of your exterior for years.

7. Mildew resistance

In many instances, low quality paints end up forming mildew which completely destroys your home exterior. Therefore, to keep your home from mildew, use a high quality paint. Don’t compromise on your paint quality.

8. Touch-up capability

High quality paints can easily have touch-ups which are even unnoticeable.

9. Spatter resistance

Unlike low quality paints, high quality paints do not spatter flecks during the painting process.

You might be wondering then how to check for good quality paint. This is how you know:

  • Higher solid content. High quality paint has higher solids content which dries to a thicker film. Consequently, you are assured of better durability and stay.
  • High quality paint has a higher percentage of binders and pigments of about 35-50%. Low quality paints only have 20-30% of these binders and pigments.
  • A high quality paint has around 20-25% of titanium oxide which enables the paint to cover surfaces in fewer coats.

The importance of painting your exterior, using a good quality paint and choosing this high quality paint have all been discussed. You are no longer clueless as to what you need to do. There will most definitely be the temptation to use cheaper paint. Nevertheless, choose the best for your home. Choose high quality paint.

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