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Interior Painting Prepwork

Excellent prepwork is at the heart of every perfectly finished interior painting job

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In order to get interior house painting done, you need to ensure that all the surfaces in the home are in good condition. Painting well prepped interior surfaces will help make sure the finish that will exceed your expectations and complement the overall design of the home. Our professionals can also help you create a unique look that is both functional and decorative.


interior Painting Prepwork includes

  • Loose drywall joints and gaps that need attention
  • Door knob holes large and small
  • Mold and moisture damage needing sealed and primed
  • Furniture movement damage like scuffs and holes
  • Rodent and other pest damage repairs
  • Foundation settlement issues like cracks and chipping

Seamless Drywall Repair

Drywall damage. It happens in a many ways, from kids being rough in the house to damage caused a shifting foundation creating all new cracks never before seen. At Prominence Painting and Remodeling, we know how unsightly theses holes or cracks to drywall can make your home look a little … not so pretty.

Its important for you to know that before any priming or painting our drywall repair pros will solve any needed repairs inside your home. Before we begin any interior painting job we will all work together to walk through the home and take a look at your existing drywall or any damage or concerns you may have. Then we’ll carefully take care of the damage and make sure your walls are completely smooth to ensure the finest finish and make you happy every single time.

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