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Selecting the Best Qualified Home Exterior Painting Company

Selecting the Best Qualified Home Exterior Painting Company


Choosing the right company to paint your home exterior is a very important decision. Consider that your home exterior is the first thing that people see when they enter your compound. Besides this, a badly done job will cost you more money and time to redo the work. In many cases, such unqualified painters will still charge you to redo the job if you insist on using their services again. Qualified painters are not cheap and you will be presented with cheaper options. However, prioritize your goals for painting your house. Are you painting just for the sake of it or are you looking for the best value for your money?

Sometimes, it may be difficult to determine who is a qualified painter because many of them may portray themselves as the best while they are not. It is necessary to choose the best interior house painting to avoid any disappointments.  Below are tips to help you choose the best qualified home exterior painting company:

  • Choose a painting company with experience

It does not matter whether or not you believe in the 10,000 hours philosophy by Malcom Gladwell. The fact remains that the more time a person spends in building on their craft, the more the technical skills, knowledge levels and improvement from mistakes. Experience is not everything but it is essential while deciding which company to go with. You wouldn’t pay $10,000 to a painting company that was only started yesterday.

Choose a painting company with years of experience, positive online reviews and a photo gallery of painting work the company has been involved in. these are indicators that the company is adequately talented to keep a client and stand the test of time.

  • Choose a painting company with proper legal license and insurance

You should not hire a company whose painters lack state-issued licenses, workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance. A company with such credentials shows its capabilities to protect its employees and your home in case of an accident. Don’t just take their word for it. Ensure that the company shows you the proper documentation.

  • Choose a painting company that does the prep work

A great painting job is one where prep work is done. It includes sanding, stripping, cleaning, priming and taping. Such prep work sets stage for a coat of paint that has clean lines and stands up to the elements. It is unfortunate that most painting companies do not value the prep work and will not even do it. They more often than not cut corners to charge the same price for a quicker job. Eventually, the job turns out to be uneven, rough on the edges and very susceptible to premature aging. Don’t be shy to ask a company if they do the necessary prep work. The best qualified painting company is well informed on the inside and out of their prep work processes and won’t hesitate to list them to you.

  • Choose a painting company with high knowledge levels about painting

You definitely expect the painting company you choose for exterior painting to be in the know-how of current trends, techniques and the best paint for your exteriors. Before you decide on the company, ask all the theoretical questions about painting. The answers will determine the level of expertise which may be overstated by their claims and ad copy on their website.

  • Choose a painting company with a reasonable price

Price is one of the factors that influences people’s choices of a painting company. Some companies use cheap paints and inexperienced employees all in the bid to offer affordable service. Unfortunately, many people choose this route and get exactly what they paid for.

On the other hand, there are companies that will overcharge in the name of “luxury painting services” which is unrealistic. The painting process is still the same. Pants are put on one leg at a time and coats are paints are put on one coat at a time. The high price is rarely justified.

Painting doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You can still enjoy high quality painting work at a reasonable and mid-range price.

  • Choose a painting company with quality guarantees

The painting company must offer a quality guarantee or warranty. If they don’t, then you are setting yourself up for a heartbreak in the future. The best qualified painting companies have hassle-free warranties. They will take care of your problems without making a fuss. Excellent customer service surpasses warranties.

  • Choose a painting company with a solid online reputation

Today, online reviews are what build or destroy a company. Look at online reviews and overall business ratings before you make your decision. Sometimes, previous clients leave negative reviews because of some frustration they experienced. On the other hand, they will greatly praise a company that delivered the best painting services. It is necessary that the company have a five star rating. Some people always have something to complain about even when the service is great.

However, a series of negative reviews shows a pattern of behavior. Refrain from using the services of such a company.

  • Choose a painting company with experience in your local area

Look for companies that have an experience in working within your area of residence. Such painting companies have built a reputation over time as the go-to company. In addition, it does not make sense to hire the services of a company that is based in a different state. It ultimately ends up being expensive for nothing since the company may not deliver to your expectations.

The best exterior house painting will be done by a company which has serviced your area for years.

Interior house painting is so important. It defines the energy in your home. As a result, you definitely need to choose the best painting company. A perfect job needs the best qualified painting company. These tips will help you settle for the best company at an affordable price.


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