bathromm remodeled with stile and stained cainets

Selecting The Right Contractor For Your Small Bathroom Remodel Project


Remodeling your bathroom can make you spend all the money in your wallet and those common issues tend to cost the most. Nevertheless, some home improvement ideas can save money by taking care of those problems before they escalate. The best time to take care of this is during the planning stage when deciding on what you want, the best bathroom remodeling contractor to hire, and the materials and time to be invested. Most times, a very simple alternative can take care of the problem that could have been expensive.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

This may not look right, but we have some cheap small bathroom remodel ideas. The common home remodeling idea makes it look like remodeling bathrooms must cost 5 figures and everything in there must be removed and replaced. The first thing to do is get this idea off your mind and you notice that the bathroom remodel cost will drop. Home improvement, especially the bathroom remodeling, takes a lot of cost from homeowners. Considering the imbalance in the cost of bathroom remodel materials, but if you can think outside the box on some home improvement ideas you will get more economical ideas. After you have had the remodeling done, not only will you have a remodeled, functional bathroom, but you will have more money in your bank account compared to those that decide to go for the expensive method. Here is an interesting fact, you do not need to drop that huge fund just because you want to transform your bathroom. There are plenty of small bathroom remodel ideas on a budget:

  1. Utilize Lower Cost Lookalike Materials

Reusing and refurbishing your old materials is the best way to save money. But if there is any need for you to change materials, cheap alternatives can also look like the real deal. For instance, instead of getting a real hardwood flooring, try the laminate flooring. High-definition laminate flooring materials look the real deal when viewed from a distance. Using porcelain tile as back splashes can imitate the look of marble.

  • Refurbish your tub, rather the replace it

Let replacement of your tub be the last option if you want to consider it from the angle of cost. If the tubs are still in good working condition and just needs retouching, there is no need to buy new ones then. If the repairs to be done are mainly the removal of cracks and dirty surface, you can refinish your bathtub. Refinishing bathtub instead of buying new ones look better and cheaper.

  • Reduce your use of tiles

Tiles are getting more expensive, this also depends on the kind of contractor you hire to help you do the laying. To save costs, reduce the number of tiles and you can focus them on the floor, rather than the floor and shower walls. You can also reduce the use of tiles by applying them to one side of the wall, and painting the other side.

  • Paint

For someone interested in the use of paint, this will be the best option if you don’t  want to spend much. Patience and time are needed when it comes to painting the bathroom, the room might be small but it requires more time because you will need to paint around the mirror, windows, counter tops, sink, toilet and the floor. Also consider the moisture that is formed in the bathroom, the change in humidity and temperature should be a good reason why you should invest in high-quality paint, preferably with a satin finish or better. Interior painting pros can help a ton here.

  • Paint your wooden floor

For bathrooms that have a wooden floor, total removal of the whole floor and replacing is very expensive. But to save cost and time, you can protect the wooden floor by painting with protective enamel. Note though that having the option of hardwood shouldn’t be your first choice if you looking at saving cost. But if you have one, applying paint is an inexpensive way to keep them around as long as possible.

If you want quality small bathroom remodeling construction, it is important to choose the right bathroom remodeling contractor because of the value you will get. You can’t get a remodeling contractor that will offer the cheapest price, provide the highest quality and also offer the best service all at once. You may receive the best quality and highest service, but hardly will you get both and still receive a low price. Here are some points that will help you in selecting the best bathroom remodeling contractor.

  1. Work with reviews and referrals

Many people prefer to use contractors based on the reviews they have heard or seen about them. If possible you can get to see some of the jobs they have done in the past, which might be very helpful. Be careful when trying to select contractors because they claim to offer the cheapest prices, contractors that do so often operate using low-quality materials and equipment.

  • Take a look at the contractors’ bathroom remodeling record

Do not give a job out, and then be hoping that they do the job done right. Ensure that they have experience in what they do. It is not only the designing and painting that will need the touch of an experienced contractor, but other parts of the bathroom like plumbing, electrical and mechanical do also too. 

  • Price

With so many factors to consider when it comes to remodeling, it is important not to bank on the price alone. You might be tempted to opt for the cheapest contractor, but working with the inexpensive remodeling ideas given above, you have a better option when it comes to working on a budget.

So the best way to select a contractor is summarized below;

  • Be sure of the kind of remodeling that you want
  • Get in touch with different contractors
  • Take a look at their online reviews
  • Be sure to ask them questions
  • Visit their website too

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